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Turkey Young Law Simulation (TGHS)

Turkey Young Law Simulation is a type of activity that allows law students and young people interested in law to take part in various roles such as lawyer, judge, jury, witness and judge in fictional and real cases and conducts legal education interactively.


Turkey Young Law Simulation in its new era

It will be with you at Maltepe University on 10-11-12 March.


If you want to take part in the new era of Turkey Young Law Simulation, all you have to do isfilling out the application form. 

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Practice the legal professions through national and international conferences.

to help students, to contribute to the training of expert lawyers in the field, and to be the most effective independent lawyer adopted by the students in the national media.

to be a conference.


By combining the theoretical part and the practical part of the legal professions,

to provide a short-term professional life experience in accordance with its real functioning,

participants' legal knowledge and experience, social skills, oratory and speaking

to help them develop their skills and to give future lawyers to the university.

Apart from his education and opportunities, independent and

to be a professional conference.



Anayasa Mahkemesi
İstanbul Tahkim Merkezi
Nürnberg Uluslararası Askerî Ceza Mahkemesi
International Court of Justice
Europen Court of Human Rights
Ağır Ceza Mahkemesi


Constitutional Court; He has been in charge of overseeing the constitutionality of laws, adjudicating in the capacity of the Supreme Court, examining party closure cases, financial auditing of parties, electing the chairman and vice chairman of the dispute court, dealing with the dismissal of parliamentary parliamentary immunity and evaluating individual applications since 2010._cc781905-5cde-3194- In the bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Norm audit, there are two types of application procedures: "cancellation action" and "appeal procedure". The way of annulment action is called "abstract norm control" and control by objection is also called "concrete norm control". Because, the control of the constitutionality of the norm, which is the subject of the application, is carried out through a court case.  Together with the Constitutional Court, TGHS provides its participants with the ability to understand, interpret and evaluate the constitution; It aims to control compliance with constitutional elements within the framework of interpretations of law texts and to raise awareness of constitutional jurisdiction.




Criminal Court; It is the court that deals with the most serious crimes in terms of the amount of punishment specified in the law in the first instance criminal proceedings. The duty of the heavy penal court is regulated in Article 12 No. 5235.
  Assize Court; Covering the crimes of qualified fraud, fraudulent bankruptcy, looting, embezzlement, forgery of official documents included in the Turkish Penal Code; It is in charge of dealing with cases and affairs related to crimes against the security of the state, the constitutional order, national defense and state secrets, and crimes punishable by aggravated life imprisonment, life imprisonment and imprisonment of more than ten years.
  Turkey Young Law Simulation in this format; It aims to improve its participants' skills in interpreting the criminal law, applying the elements of the penal code to the concrete case and legal professions related to the subject.


Nuremberg International Military Criminal Court

On December 17, 1942, the leaders of the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union issued the first joint official statement formally expressing the mass murder of European Jews and deciding to prosecute those responsible for the violence against the civilian population. Trials of prominent German officials officially began on November 20, 1945 in Nuremberg, Germany—six and a half months after Germany surrendered—before the International Military Criminal Tribunal (IMT), the best-known of the post-war war crimes tribunals. The court sought to settle the charges against 24 Nazi officials.
  In this format, TGHS aims to increase the knowledge of the subject by enabling its participants to develop their awareness of international law and legal history. However, simulating a historical court also brings the purpose of conveying the legal culture to the participants.


Istanbul Arbitration Center (ISTAC)


Istanbul Arbitration Center (ISTAC),  is an independent, impartial and autonomous institution that provides arbitration and mediation services, established within the scope of the Istanbul Financial Center project for the resolution of disputes between commercial actors both in Turkey and abroad. ISTAC provides services to all parties in dispute resolution without seeking any membership requirement.

ISTAC consists of the National and International Arbitration Courts and the Secretariat. Arbitration Courts ensure that the arbitration proceedings can be carried out in the most effective manner. The International Court of Arbitration is composed of prestigious international lawyers, mostly foreign. The Istanbul Arbitration Center Secretariat, in addition to fulfilling the duties specified in the Rules, is ready to answer any questions regarding the proceedings of the parties, their representatives, arbitrators and other persons participating in the proceedings. 
In this format, which TGHS carries out in cooperation with ISTAC, it aims to convey the elements of mediation to the participants, to increase the awareness of the existence of an important alternative for the solution of the legal issues of the type listed in Turkey, and to provide the participants with professional skills within the framework of the format.


International Court of Justice

The International Court of Justice is the primary judicial branch of the United Nations. The Court established in 1945 by the UN Charter, the it began work in 1946 as the successor to the Permanent Court of International Justice. The Statute of the International Court of Justice and is the main constitutional document constituting and regulating the Court. There are two types of instances where the ICJ can have jurisdiction; request for advisory opinions and contentious cases.
  In this format, TGHS aims to develop the participants' knowledge of international law and to develop their professional skills in adjudicating within the framework of the International Court of Justice.


European Court of Human Rights (ECHR or ECtHR)

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR or ECtHR), also known as the Strasbourg Court, is an international court of the Council of Europe which interprets the European Convention of Human Rights. The court hears applications alleging that a contracting state has breached one or more of the human rights enumerated in the Convention or its optional protocols to which a member state is a party. The European Convention on Human Rights is also referred to by the initials "ECHR". The court is based in Strasbourg, France,
  With this format, TGHS aims to raise awareness on human rights within the framework of international conventions. TGHS also presents an important example for the participants who may serve in the ECHR in the future.


Who are we?

Academy Team

Organization Team

Secretary General: Salim Can Eser
Deputy Secretary General: Z
Eynep Nazli Ehlil

Turkish High Criminal Court

Court Secretaries:Ece Nart, Hidayet Ozturk

Court Director:Aysenur Uslu

Turkish Constitutional Court

Court Secretary:Oguz Kapusuz

Court Directors:Gaye Turunc, Kemal Alpaslan Aytemur

Nuremberg Military Criminal Court

Court Secretary:Ebrar Kadriye Karaparca

Court Directors:Gozde Koroglu, Hasan Celik

Istanbul Arbitration Center

Director/Referee:Kamer Korkmaz

International Court of Justice

Court Secretary:Beyza Hilal Akyurt

Court Director:Arda Can

European Court of Human Rights

Court Secretaries:Defne Kaya and Sinem Uresin

Court Director:Leyla Can

General Director:Ulas Friendly
Deputy Director General:Hatice Selin Agtepe
Deputy Director General:Enis Keskin


Head of Public Relations:Drop Stop
Vice President of Public Relations:Sumeyra Erdogan

Vice President of Public Relations: Irmak Rose
Head of Administrative Affairs: Furkan Ersoy
Vice President of Administrative Affairs: Sait Nur İnel

Head of Finance: September Ecem Yildiz

Vice President of Finance:Hilal Ataseven
Head of Press: Berru Şenol
Press Vice President:Ozge Yuksel
Head of Information Technology (IT): Serra Şener

Vice President of Information Technology (IT): Berkay Akçay

What did we do?


Turkey Young Law Simulation 2022

Turkey Young Law Simulation was held on 11-12-13 February 2022 at Istanbul Medeniyet University Göztepe Campus South Campus with national law students and more than 150 participants interested in law. In the Turkish Young Law Simulation, which lasted for 3 days, the participants; By playing the roles of judge, prosecutor and lawyer, they resolved various case files prepared by the academy team and waiting to be resolved in accordance with the roles assigned to them and within the framework of positive law rules. The courts simulated in Turkey Young Law Simulation are the Constitutional Court, the International Court of Justice and the Moot Court of Roman Law, respectively.

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As a result of the meetings and cooperation with Ataşehir Municipality on 22-23 October 2022, our TGHS TRAIN'22 event was held for 2 days at Ataşehir Municipality Erdal Eren Cultural Center and Ataşehir Municipality Mustafa Saffet Cultural Center. The Constitution Writing Commission, the details of which are stated below, took place in this event, which aims to develop the ability of the participants to work in groups, to express their views in front of the community, to reflect their legal knowledge and experience in oral and written language, and to use almost all branches of social sciences together with their legal knowledge. A hypothetical country was chosen in the constitution writing commission. In this way, it is aimed that the participants can express their legal knowledge more comprehensively and comfortably. The socio-cultural and economic problems that this hypothetical country, which had been ruled by a monarchy for centuries and had a turbulent history, finally passed into a republic, had the opportunity to be discussed by the participants on a political ground. Due to the fact that people with different wishes and needs in the society have adopted different ideologies, this representation was met in the parliament and was reflected in the first constitution. As a matter of fact, as a result of the social crises experienced, the demand for a new and more comprehensive constitution emerged on the grounds that the current constitution did not meet the needs of the country. As a result, the constitution writing commission, which was elected from within the parliament on October 22, 2022, started its work. After 7 sessions, a 23-item constitution was prepared and submitted to a referendum. A pleasant referendum atmosphere was created with the votes of the academy and organization team, and the constitutional text prepared by the participants was rejected with a 57.3% majority of the votes, with a "no" vote in the referendum where the number of votes cast was 70 and the number of valid votes was 68.

Teams and Job Descriptions

Organization Team

Man Making Phone Call in Office

Administrative Affairs Team 

A member of the Administrative Affairs team consists of a committee officer during committee sessions, and an information desk officer, field officer, and academy officer at other times. This team, which ensures that the conference runs smoothly and regularly, is subjected to intensive training before the conference. They are responsible for supervising and helping organize the venue, teams and physical organization prior to the conference. The administrative staff member arrives before the participants each morning and leaves after the participants in the evening. They actively participate in the meetings in the morning and in the evening, which are shaped according to the evaluation and supervision of the day and the feedback received from the participants. 

Interview Recording

Press Team

The duties of the press team are divided into two. These are: photo and video unit.

During the conference, the photography unit was attended by delegates, committee officials, and members of the committee.

It allows taking photographs of the atmosphere and archiving them. The video unit, on the other hand, shoots the promotional video, opening and closing video of the conference and broadcasts them at the opening-closing ceremonies.

Sistem Odasında Çalışan Ekip

Information Technology (IT)

Public Relations Team

Although the job description of the Public Relations team is quite broad, one of its main duties is to publicize the conference, to announce the conference to as many people as possible, and while doing this, to ensure that the people involved in the conference easily reach the right information. Among the other duties of the PR team are to respond quickly to questions from the participants, to shape their behavior accordingly, knowing that they are responsible for promoting a conference in their social media and social life, and to be polite and friendly towards the participants, especially during the conference dates. Another task is to organize interactive activities during coffee breaks in order to reduce the tension of the participants after the heated court sessions. 

The member of the Information Technology (IT) team takes precautionary measures for the use of technological devices such as computers, projectors, microphones, and prevents a problem from occurring. When an unexpected problem is encountered, it solves this problem as quickly as possible. Designs the name badges, notebooks, bags, pens and certificates to be given to the participants and follows all the stages up to the delivery stage.

Academy Team 

Law Office

General Secretary of the Court

The Secretary General of the Court determines the subject of the case and is responsible for determining the procedures and principles of the court where the case will be heard. He recreates the background and content of the case. Prepares the worksheet. Constantly communicates with the general secretariat. Court Secretariat requires good legal knowledge and experience in such conferences.

In the conference, he answers questions about the procedure and explains the procedure. While not interfering with the administration of the court, it observes the functioning of the court and reports to the secretariat. The discipline also examines participant and director attitudes and communications. It can also make operational suggestions to the secretariat.

Judge Gavel

Court Director 

The Court Director is in charge of assisting the Court Secretary with the preparation of the working paper prior to the conference. He should have a full command of the subject and should investigate the legal situations related to the subject and know the procedure very well. Court Directorship requires leadership and experience.

The role of the Court Director begins in the main conference. Providing the authority within the court, managing and directing the participants, carrying out the procedure in a clear and understandable manner, as well as supporting the participants legally and procedurally at the decision point are among the main duties of the Court Director.


Maltepe University

Büyükbakkalköy, Maltepe University. Marmara Education Village, 34857 Maltepe/Istanbul, Turkey


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